Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting Protection from Injury and Burglary

Almost all windows have glass panes. Traditionally, these panes are made from pure glass, which makes them fragile and prone to breakage when hit by a hard object. This is why glass windows are often the entry point of burglars into a house. Thanks to advancement in glass production and window tinting technology, however, glass panes can be made less fragile and more reliable.

Protection Against Injury and Burglary

Window glass comes in many types, including annealed glass, float glass, and heat strengthened glass. While most of these glass window types have beneficial features, they share a common weakness—they break into sharp shards when smashed by a hard object. A lot of injurious and sometimes fatal accidents have been associated with glass shards.

One way to prevent glass windows from breaking into shards is to temper it. Fully tempered glass can break into small pieces when subjected to a certain level of force. Unlike shards, however, these small pieces can hardly cause injury to anyone who gets in contact with them. However, it brings up another issue—security. When a glass window easily breaks into small pieces, it becomes easily target for burglars.

The more effective solution to prevent both injury from glass shards and burglary is using security film. If the glass breaks, this thin polyester film holds the pieces together, and prevents them from scattering. Because the glass won’t break apart easily, burglars are effectively deterred.

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