Monday, July 20, 2015

Window Tinting: Let the Sun Shine in Sans Worry

Many homeowners love to fill their home with the healing brilliance of sunshine. The bright morning, especially, can raise the energy within one’s space, improve its ambiance, and clear up dark, gloomy corners. However, the sun’s rays can also spread heat, and create unpleasant glare on surfaces. Its UV wave can cause damage to furnishings and drapes; furthermore, you can expect your energy costs to skyrocket in the summer when you need to keep your living spaces cool.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Setting up Security Window Film Sheets for Anything with Sliding Glass

"Some locations may be elegant and stylish, especially those with sliding glass windows or doors. A casual look at any interior design magazine will reveal houses with both fixtures set up. As an article by Desiree Stennett in the Orlando Sentinel notes, however, sliding glass windows or doors sometimes present an opportunity for burglars to enter the house with minimal effort. A few observers in the security industry claim that sliding-glass doors are highly vulnerable entry points in any home. This is especially true of any house with dining rooms that need ample natural light and also empty out to a patio. Such a danger to the household underlines the need to install security window film of the kind offered by Window Enhancements, LLC."

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Installing Residential Window Tinting Solutions to Dampen the Heat

Some houses may be located in places that boast the clearest weather all-year-round. The fact that the sun beats down hard, however, can help raise indoor temperatures to slightly intolerable levels, and your furnishings may even suffer from the UV light coming through the windows. In an article for the Washington Post, writer Joanne Huber says that installing residential window tinting may play a role in alleviating the heat. This can be achieved when you approach contractors such as Dick Peterson and the crew at Window Enhancements, LLC for the solution.