Thursday, February 5, 2015

Home Safety: Security Film for Windows

Glass windows, decorative and stylish they may be, can be a security risk in your house. Threats like break-ins and harsh weather can be reduced significantly through the use of security film for windows. After all, nothing brings a sense of relief and comfort than knowing that you and your family are safe inside your own home.

How Security Film Works

Security window film is designed to make the glass shatter resistant. Should the glass break, the glass fragments are all held together, reducing the risk of injury. The film is made of thick layers of polyester and a strong adhesive, making it more durable and proving more difficult to break in case of an intrusion attempt. Note that security film is not bullet-proof; it only makes glass more shatter-resistant.

Security film is also not meant to be an impenetrable barrier in extreme weather events like hurricanes, but it does have a significant safety value. The film can reduce the risk of injury from broken glass, and it can even prevent debris and water from penetrating the window to some degree.

Installation of Security Film

The installation of film should only be done by skilled professionals. Upon clearing the area of furniture and laying down protective covering on the floor, the window is cleaned using a cleaning solution. The film is then applied the using a slip solution; any excess water is removed afterwards.

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