Monday, June 29, 2015

Boost Your Home’s Security with Window Films

Summer vacations often mean leaving your home for a time, making it vulnerable to break-ins and theft. Add more security measures to your home, particularly if you’re planning an extended vacation out of town, and invest in some devices or tools that will keep burglars away.

Invest in Security Films for Windows

Since your home’s windows are often the target entry points of burglars and intruders, one way you can burglar-proof your home is to place a clear or tinted window security film. This is a heavy plastic film applied on windows that can withstand blows of up to 400 foot-pounds, according to manufacturers.

With clear window films, families can continue to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors while the windows are well-protected. The film is virtually invisible to potential intruders, so it would catch them unaware if they ever attempt to break a window. Tinted films are more obvious, but the advantage of this is they automatically deter intruders or thieves from entering your home and taking your valuables.

Other Benefits of Security Films

Security films actually protect a house not only from thieves, but from other home threats as well, such as hurricanes or thunderstorm winds which are known to shatter windows. Though the films may not withstand very strong winds, they can keep window shards from falling out of the frame in case of a breakage, thus preventing further damage on your home. For the best results, have window enhancement professionals do the job.

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