Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Improve Home Security with Protective Window Film

Home security is more than just installing better locks on doors and windows and improving lighting on the exterior of your home. Another useful and smart idea is to install protective security film over your windows. This helps reduce the risk of break-ins, as well as minimize breakage and extensive damage from storms and flying debris from outside.
Security window films applied on glass, work to improve the windows' resistance to shattering. Depending on the film’s thickness, the device reinforces the windows’ strength, which could make it harder for people or objects to break them. Significantly more force would be required to shatter or break the windows.

If a window shatters at all, it is more likely to stay in place due to the film. An intruder may also take longer to get through a broken window, nor would flying debris from the force of strong wind or rain easily break the glass. 

Security window films provide protective benefits, reducing potential for injury from broken glass, as well as for security purposes where delay of forced entry could provide the crucial minutes to sound the warning or call for help.Decide on the level of protection you require among selections based on the quality of security film application, dimension of glass, and finally, the film’s thickness and adhesive bond strength.

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