Monday, November 16, 2015

Maximize the Sun's Potential with Tinted Film for Your Windows

In recent years contractors and builders learned a great deal about how nature can be a help or a hindrance to homeowners. For example, when windows are strategically placed throughout a structure, then homeowners can take full advantage of the sun's rays, warmth, and solar energy. However, taking full advantage of that power will not come without the use of protective measures for the homeowner and their furnishings.

Homeowners have discovered several key hindrances during their attempt to take advantage of the sun's power. Here is a list of homeowner hindrances:
-Sun glares on mirrors and other reflective surfaces in the space.
-Hot spots in the space due to the position of the sun.
-Faded carpet, curtains and furnishings because of their constant exposure to the sun's intense rays.

Yet, tinted glass is the simple solution. It works whether the glass is in a building, home or vehicle. Tinted glass will work to absorb or reflect the rays of the sun. The absorption of light is used to create a privacy barrier between two spaces. The reflective tint uses dielectric materials to reflect the light away from an intended space and back toward the source. But, these solutions are costly when the tint is manufactured into the glass prior to being installed into a structure, so most homeowners choose to retrofit their windows with a tinted film that is applied directly to the surface of the glass with a special adhesive. The result is comfort with maximum benefits.

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