Monday, December 28, 2015

Window Films Offer an Added Layer of Protection

It is common for homeowners to ensure that their doors and windows have properly working locks at all times. In fact, most homeowners invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on security systems to protect their families.

Unwanted UV rays that come from the sun also pose a special risk to people inside of their homes. The intensity of these rays is magnified by the normal glass found in residential windows and doors. Applying an approved security window film on the residential glass will block out harmful UV rays that are known to increase health risks, fade furniture, and create other damage throughout the home.

Security window film treatment for the home and commercial business does so much more than create a higher efficient and comfortable space. These specialized films strengthen glass, and safeguard against glass breakage caused from storms, theft, and other intrusion attempts. The tinting feature that is common with security window films puts would-be burglars on high alert. The inability to see freely in the building helps to conceal your personal belongings in the home so they do not draw attention.

Due to their high success levels for safety, security, and energy efficiency purposes, building owners have found insurance coverage carriers offer lower rates when security window films are installed throughout the building. Lower utility costs, lower insurance ratings, and heightened comfort mean big savings all the way around for the residential and commercial property owner.

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