Monday, March 7, 2016

The Different Types Of Home Window Tinting

Too much light getting inside your home? Maybe it’s time to have window tint installed on your house. Window tints offer more heat reduction and can stabilize the performance of your air-conditioning. This can cut off your expenses and improve your overall budget.

Home window tinting is done depending on the intentions of the homeowner but in general, a window tint also called solar control film is made of polyester base with a scratch-resistant coating. Although some involve multiple polyester layers to achieve this, the film is only millimeters thick and is attached to the interior side of the window with the use of an adhesive.

One type of film is dyed. This keeps the harmful rays from being absorbed into your home. It is important to note that since this type of film keeps the sunlight from affecting the interior of your house all the heat collected will be resting on your window glass. This in turn, increases the stress on the window’s glass that can lead to glass breakage.

There are still other types of window film work available, and one of them is metalized. The polyester is embedded with different types of metals. This allows it to reflect the majority of the sun’s harmful rays. The latest variety uses advanced ceramics to reflect sunlight.

Aside from keeping the heat away from your home, tinting also allows more privacy into your homes. The choice in the end, still depends on the homeowners’ reason behind getting one.

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