Monday, September 28, 2015

Stay Comfy and Save Money with Window Tinting

Does your windows make your home or business hot in the summer, but leave you and/or your guests and customers shivering in the winter? Are you tired of glare making it difficult to see? Are you noticing faded upholstery and carpeting? Do you want to protect your privacy from casual passersby? Then it may be time for you to look at having window film/tinting professionally installed!

Protect your privacy
Whether they are neighbors walking by or potential thieves casing out your home or business, you want to protect your privacy and possessions. Having window tinting installed by a professional will reduce how much can be seen inside during the daytime, but will allow you to see the view outside. Why sit all day behind closed blinds?

Protect your furnishings
Sunlight can fade carpeting and upholstery, and heat from the sun can damage wood and laminate. Window film will deflect most of the damaging rays of the sun, preventing damage to furnishings.

Save on energy bills
Who doesn't want to save money? Window tinting deflects the rays of the sunshine in the summer so that homes and businesses stay cooler. In the winter, the coating will help further insulate the windows. Both are money-saving effects of window tinting.

Reduce glare
Glare from the sun is hard on the eyes, making it difficult to read or watch TV and use the computer. Professionally installed window tinting can solve this.

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