Monday, October 5, 2015

Protect What Matters Most with Security Film

The safety of your home or office and the contents there in is of the utmost importance. Security film transforms your windows from one of the weakest points of entry in your home or office to one of the strongest. Whether you are in need of impact resistant film or a film that can help prevent break-ins, there are high-quality films on the market that offer superior performance. Safety film is designed to hold fragments of glass together in case of breakage. Security film can also keep your home or office cooler. 

Preventing glass shards from flying all over the place during an accident can save lives and protect property. Security film ensures that a hurricane or another type of natural disaster have less of a chance to fling small pieces of glass around. Security film is easy for professionals to install, and it offers a great return on a small investment. Most films are designed to blend in naturally with your current windows. Security film repels up to 60% of the heat that comes through your home or office windows.

Security film should go on smoothly and not have any bubbles. This ensures that it looks great and functions optimally during an incident. The thickness of film is one of the main determining factors for the level of protection that it can provide. Polyester and micro-layered technology are used to create a product that is strong, light, and durable. Tinted sun control options are popular choices for those in warm climates.

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